Qatar construction specification 2007 pdf

qatar construction specification 2007 pdf

(a) Qatar Construction Specification – QCS, 19 of the Year , comply with all requirements of latest revision of QATAR legislation mention above (but not. NIOSH activities, during the time period of through , . construction standards. .. and Health, the U.S.; 50 in Ireland; 2 in Malaysia; 4 in Qatar). SPOTLIGHT ON QATAR'S CONSTRUCTION SECTOR AHEAD OF THE WORLD CUP . practices that are inconsistent with labour standards and Qatari law. workers in the United Kingdom in , a similar time period (http://, page 2.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Essam Saudi. QCS Qatar construction specification 2007 pdf Concrete Page 1 Part Concrete Page 2 Part The work includes furnishing, fabrication, and. C 2 Related Sections and Parts are as follows: ES This Section Part Miscellaneous Part Galichia rangoli skype BS Steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete BSSpecification for high tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing AR of concrete.

BSSpecification for scheduling, qatar construction specification 2007 pdf, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete ENRecommendation for welding of metallic materials EN Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. General rules and rules for buildings ISOEpoxy- coated steel for the reinforcement of concrete ISOConcrete Page 3 Part Reinforcement ISO Construction drawings -- Simplified representation of concrete reinforcement ISOQuality management systems.

Steel for the reinforcement of concrete -Part 1: Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Part 2: Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Part 3: Welded fabric VI 3 Three copies of the steel test report shall be furnished with each consignment of steel R reinforcement.

The steel shall be tagged and cross-referenced with mill certificates. SE Details shall include chemical and physical tests for the past six months production and any independent test results for this period.

Details of IC quality assurance procedures, including ISO certificate if held, shall also be given. N 2 The Contractor shall furnish the Engineer with a certificate of compliance for each shipment H of epoxy coated bars.

The certificate of compliance shall state that representative samples of C the epoxy coated bars have been tested and that the test results comply with the requirements herein specified. Test results shall be retained by the Contractor for seven TE years. A complete set of test results shall also be handed to the client at the completion of qatar construction specification 2007 pdf works, and shall be made available to the Engineer upon request. The fabricator shall furnish three copies of a certification which shows qatar construction specification 2007 pdf batch number or numbers from which each size of AR bar in the shipment was fabricated.

Storage facilities shall be such as to permit easy access for inspection and identification. Reinforcement bundles qatar construction specification 2007 pdf be clearly tagged with bar schedule and bar mark reference.

Concrete Page 4 Part Reinforcement 3 The reinforcement shall not be roughly handled, dropped from a height, or subjected to shock loading or mechanical damage. Steel reinforcing bars shall be kept clean and shall be free from pitting, loose rust, mill scale, oil, grease, earth, paint, or any other material which may impair the bond between the concrete and the reinforcement.

The reinforcement shall be covered to ensure protection from wind blown dust, condensation and other deleterious materials. All steel reinforcement bars shall comply with the requirements of: H C 3 If the steel has excessive surface rust, dust or other deleterious material then qatar construction specification 2007 pdf steel shall be sand blasted.

Sand for blasting shall not contain materials deleterious to the durability of TE the reinforcement or concrete. Dune sand shall not be used for the sandblasting of reinforcement. N 4 For extreme exposure class X5; protection measures such as epoxy coated bars; Low- IA carbon-chromium-steel bars; or Stainless Steel may be considered.

AB Concrete Page 5 Dokucraft s Reinforcement ES 2 The Contractor shall give 24 hour notice to the Engineer before closing forms or placing concrete. C 3 The Engineer may instruct the Contractor to break out and remove completely all sections of VI the work already constructed under any of the following circumstances: R a reinforcing steel sample under test fails to meet the specification requirements at any SE time b the Engineer considers that samples which were presented to him for test were not truly representative AL c a previously rejected reinforcing steel has been used in the Works.

IC C TE 2 Manufacturer's certificates stating clearly for each sample: AB 3 The Engineer reserves the right to sample and inspect reinforcement steel upon its arrival at the work site. Concrete Page 6 Part VI 5 Test results for each bar size shall be submitted to the Engineer three weeks before concrete R work commences on Site.

SE 6 Full testing shall be required if the source of supply of reinforcement changes, in which case the cost of such extra testing will be borne by the Contractor.

AL 7 When any test results do not conform to the relevant standard the reinforcement steel shall be removed from the Site and all costs resulting therefrom qatar construction specification 2007 pdf be borne by the Contractor. Bends shall have a substantially constant curvature.

For epoxy coated steel the provisions of Clause N IA 3 Reinforcement shall not be straightened or rebent without the approval of the Engineer. If qatar construction specification 2007 pdf is given to bend projecting reinforcement care shall be taken not to damage the AB concrete and to ensure that the radius is not less than the minimum specified in ISO or BS AR The framework shall be supported to retain its correct position in the forms during the process of placing and consolidating the concrete.

Concrete Page 7 Part Reinforcement 3 No part of the reinforcement shall be used to support access ways, working platform or for the conducting of an electric current. C VI 2 Where welding is approved it shall be executed under controlled conditions in a factory or workshop.

R 3 Welding shall not take place on site without the approval of the Engineer and unless suitable SE safeguards and techniques are employed and the types of steel employed have the required welding properties. AL 4 Welding if approved, may be used qatar construction specification 2007 pdf IC a fixing crossing or lapping reinforcement in position b fixing bars to other steel members N c structural welds involving transfer of loads between reinforcement or between bars H and other steel members.

C 5 The length of run deposited in a single pass shall not exceed five times the bar qatar construction specification 2007 pdf. If a TE longer welded length is required, the weld shall be divided into sections with the space between runs made not less than five times the bar diameter. N 6 Butt welds shall be formed by flash butt welding or metal-arc welding. Other methods may be approved, subject to their satisfactory performance in trial joints.

IA AB 7 Metal-arc welding or electrical resistance welding may be used for fixing suitable steels or for lapped joints. AR 8 Flash butt barbie game for android shall be executed with the correct combination of flashing, heating, upsetting and annealing, using only machines which automatically control this cycle of operations.

Joints in parallel bars of principle reinforcement shall be staggered, unless otherwise approved. The distance between staggered joints shall be not less than the end anchorage length joints. Concrete Page 8 Part O C 2 Splicing, except where indicated on the Drawings or approved shop drawings, will not be permitted without the approval of the Engineer.

ES R 2 The Contractor shall ensure that areas to receive reinforcement are cleaned before fixing. AL H 2 The cover shall not be less than given in Section 5 Part 6. C 3 Spacers, chairs and other supports shall be provided as necessary to maintain the TE reinforcement in its correct position.

IA 5 Spacer bars shall be of the same diameter as longitudinal bars, but not less than 25 mm in AB diameter, and shall be fixed between two layers at 1. AR 6 Spacers, chairs and other supports shall be made of concrete, plastic or other material to the approval of the Engineer.

Where supports are made of concrete they shall have at least the same cube strength as the concrete in the host member. Insertion of bars into or the removal of bars from concrete already placed will not be permitted. Concrete Page 9 Part Reinforcement 2 Reinforcement steel temporarily left projecting from the concrete at the joints shall not be bent without the prior approval of the Engineer.

R 2 Protect projecting reinforcement from the weather where rust staining of exposed concrete SE surfaces may occur. IC a clean all set or partially set concrete which may have been deposited thereon during the placing of a previous lift of concrete N b all uncoated rust bars shall be again sand blasted and pressure washed.

H 4 Immediately before concrete placing the reinforcing steel shall be washed thoroughly with C high pressure potable water jets to remove any deposited salts. TE IA

qatar construction specification 2007 pdf

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