Sequence 8 mission 2 ac3

sequence 8 mission 2 ac3

How to complete Sequence 8 of Assassin's Creed 3 with % Mission 1: Something on the Side When you Mission 2: Bridewell Prison. Is this the mission of Hickey trying to kill Washington? Sequence 8 of AC3 is probably the worst chapter of a video game I've ever played. /assets/guides/17/sequenceeavesdrop-copyjpg Part 2. Afterwards you will have to chase Hickey down. The optional objective Once you have tackled Hickey a scene will play to signify the end of the mission. Optional objective: Washington's bodyguards must survive. Optional objective: Kill enemy militia - 2. Optional objective: Completed all the constraints in one. Assassin's Creed 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Try the Assassin's Creed 3 Interactive Map Sequence 1. Same problem here, i finished sequence 7 at like am then saw that there were 2 homestead missions & said alright ill take care of those.

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Find Antonio in the north of Venice and he'll tell you about your next assassination target, Silvio. When the cut scene ends, so does the mission. Make your way across town and you'll find an injured soldier on the rooftops that gives you some new information on finding Bartolomeo, who should in turn help you with Silvio.

You get a large green area added to your map, but note that it's overlapped by a restricted area. Expect trouble. Take to the rooftops and make your way toward the target. It'll be hard to spot Bartolomeo from the rooftops since he's caged inside, but you can easily spot the semi-circle of guards surrounding him.

From the rooftops, target the guards and you can take out two of them with an assassination, leaving just two more to kill. Fight 'em off, and then unlock Bartolomeo. As Bart breaks out, more enemy guards appear. Fight 'em off, and sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 start making your way toward the new target to the south. Unfortunately, Bart isn't a climber, so you'll have to stick to the streets.

Do your best to avoid guards along the way. While they won't necessarily bother you if you've got a low level of notoriety, Bartolomeo will pick fights with every guard he sees. And he sucks at fighting. Ol' Bart will end up getting the short end of the stick in every fight, so you have to save him.

Thankfully, since he's picking the fights the guards won't notice you, and you can just walk up behind them for easy assassinations. But again, it's best to try and avoid guards altogether. When you reach the waypoint, a cut scene quickly interrupts you and leaves you with a couple of guards that you must blazing star touhou. Kill 'em off and then open a nearby gate to close the mission.

Move to the first target and climb to the top sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 the building in the center of the restricted area. From the rooftop you can spot three guards outside the gate holding the prisoners. Assassinate two of 'em in one move and then kill off the other so that you can open the gate and free the prisoners.

They'll follow you, but like Bartolomeo they have no idea how to climb. Another map marker appears to the east, marking another group of soldiers to free. You can try to be stealthy or just charge in with your crew to wreck the place. Normally you need to be out of combat sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 order to open the gate holding in the prisoners, but if your crew is fighting the guards you should actually be able to unlock the gate.

When the gate is unlocked, a quick cut scene interrupts the battle and essentially completes the fight for you. A third map marker leads you to the last batch of prisoners, and again you can just charge the gate, let sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 crew pick a fight, and then release the prisoners to end the mission without actually having to fight. You're given command of a group of soldiers and tasked with bringing them to three different locations.

Like Bartolomeo, they can't climb and they'll also pick fights with any guards with whom you cross paths. Watch your map as you run toward the target sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 do your best to avoid red dots that mark guards.

When you reach the target, you'll find a few guards standing inside a small yard. Take 'em out, then step inside the yard to hit a glowing waypoint. A second marker appears on your map when you've killed the first batch of guards. Again, make your way there while doing your best to avoid guards along the way—it's just easier that way. There are more guards at the map marker location, and sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 waypoint appears when you've cleared 'em out.

A third marker leads you to the last group of enemy guards. When you've killed them, hit the waypoint for a final cut scene to close out the mission.

Note, however, that on this final waypoint, the cut scene froze on us twice, leaving Ezio stuck in the gated yard. If this happens, just quit the memory and restart the mission. Knock on Bartolomeo's door again for the last mission in the memory sequence. The first step is to climb the tallest tower in the area so that Ezio can set off a firework. Thankfully, the tallest tower is marked on the map for you. The west side of the tower provides the best climbing surface, letting you easily ascend to the top.

Reach the very tip of the cross and you'll trigger a fresh cut scene. Sachien full movie need to quickly get back down to street level to help Bartolomeo, who's not doing a great job of defending himself against Dante. Perform a leap of faith in the northeast direction and then quickly make your way to the new map marker.

When you find Bartolomeo and his crew in sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 fight, try to spot out Dante he's got a long robe and an axe and focus your fighting on him. His axe is heavy and powerful, so you'll need to use disarms and sidesteps to defeat him. Damage Dante enough and another cut scene will interrupt the action. Now Dante starts running away from the melee, leading you to Silvio Barbarigo. Run after him, and fast. Lock on for easy tracking and Dante will lead you through a line of enemy soldiers before he stops right next sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 Silvio.

Break through the line of soldiers and you can perform a double assassination on the two targets. Mission complete. Sequence Force Majeure Unlock Last Edited: November 14, at 8: Was this guide helpful? YES NO.

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I do any kill animation other than the kick against a wall? Connor doesn't start sprinting even though I'm holding RT as soon as I get control? A civilian intercepts a bullet? A civilian interrupts a kill animation? Targeting system screws you over and targets a minuteman instead of Hickey?

Connor doesn't get out his hatchet at the start, despite pressing X? I'm sure I got some other sequence 8 mission 2 ac3, but they're so numerous I lost count. Did you even playtest this at all? Reply Share this post. Have you tried to do a running assassin? I heard people managed to get sync by tackling Hickey, disposing of the militiamen, re-tackling Hickey to get rid of any other militiamen, and then re-tackle Hickey once more and kill him. As soon as you get control look a bit to the left and you will see an enemy fighting a guard.

Running assassinate him. Continue straight and you will see another. It's basically just running while holding the attack button. You have to target the two enemies that are already fighting a patriot or it won't work. Is this the mission of Hickey trying to kill Washington? If so, I don't know if this will help you but as soon as he kills the first guard tackle him to the ground and keep doing it until he eventually starts to attack you.

Then you can kill the militia while blocking his attacks and kill him. I chaka demus pliers tease me mp3 him and then accidentally pushed the guard on the ground and the guard ran to help the assassins leaving Hickey to attack me instead. It took me about tries. I'm guessing that I came up lucky? Sequence 8 - Memory 3: Public Execution Spoiler: Also "Washington's Bodyguards must survive" means that there should be one bodyguard left, don't panic when he kills the 1st guard.

I don't know why they use youtube to 3gp converter and er plural noun. Don't attempt to Running Assassinate anyone, just focus on Hickey. You should have plenty of time to kill even sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 of the militia now.

Be careful not to counter-kill Hickey before killing 2 militias. Just throw him or disarm him. Once you done the requirement, you can kill Hickey. It took me about 10 attempts but I managed it. Follow the left path and there are two guards you can run assassinate. Still, you have to be perfect.

Run into someone and you'll have to restart. Sequence 8 of AC3 is probably the worst chapter of a video game I've ever played. Just when the story starts to pick up a tiny bit, and you meet someone from Washington's spy ring and know you're going to New York, the game locks you in this frustrating path straight through the entire sequence.

When I first got to New York, all I wanted to do was explore. But no, the game makes me get on a horse and follow this guy I just met. I thought surely this little segment will just end with me in front of an important landmark and then set me free to explore. Nope, then the game trudged through horrible mission design after horrible mission design until I had the pleasure of experiencing the worst chase sequence in any video game I've ever played.

And what was my reward? Being stripped of all my weapons so the lead character could have a few conversations in jail and play a board game! I'll tell you what, there's nothing more exciting to do in the last half of a game than to lose every toy and ability you've accumulated while you go through a slow story segment that tries and fails to explain what the bad sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 are doing. Walking slowly through a prison without the ability to even run was just what the story needed to really get going.

Then I got to the execution, and I thought this is kind of cool, we're about to really meet Washington and finally get this party started. My friends helped me escape, and I'm sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 to get a little excited. What was my reward? Playing a slow-motion scene running down a street with barely any control of the action going on. Holy crap, what idiot thought this was dramatic, let alone fun? So now I'm thinking, at least that's over, now we can meet Washington, learn something important and get to explore New York.

Nope, sorry, Washington left in a hurry. And no exploring New York right now, we're going to teleport you back to the Frontier so you can go talk to Washington in Valley Forge and act like you've known the guy for years.

Contrast that to the same point in AC2 when you left Florence for Venice. I believe you have one linear sequence in the mountains with Leonardo and the wagon chase, which wasn't great but was 10 times better than anything from Sequence 8 of AC3. Then I got to Forli, but wasn't sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 along any path.

There were only a couple of missions there until I could get to Venice, but I chose to explore for a while before moving on with the story. Then I got a ship to Venice, and the game pulled me out to play as Desmond. Even though that was forced on me, it was a lot more fun and interesting than Sequence 8 of AC3. So then sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 game drops you into Venice, but doesn't force you to interact with Leonardo right away, so you could explore a little bit if you wanted.

Even the Leonardo mission wasn't very restricting, and once it was over Sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 was free to explore the unlocked district of Venice as I pleased.

I'll always remember the fun and novelty of getting to sequence 8 mission 2 ac3 Venice when it first opened up in AC2. Freedom in video games is nice. I cant explain well but I will try: Originally Posted by Elegana Go to original post. Contact Us Archive Top. The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: Verify now.

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