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Check our Why am I having problems with the BBC iPlayer Downloads application? FAQ for up-to-date If there is a newer version available, update and try downloading again. You can check the error message on my Sony TV? View more. page 1 of 5. An Error Occurred Loading This Content. Apple TV is usually a reliable set-top streaming device. It relies on dependencies such as your Internet . I was watching Netflix and my Apple TV stopped playing the show and, unexpectedly, displayed the following error message: See also: of a poor network connectivity issue that is preventing your Apple TV from reaching the. As iPlayer faq states, stream quality is - I just acquired 1 year freedome subscription to watch BBC iPlayer live Prime examples include Hulu, US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. An Unexpected Error has occurred. Top. We review the best TV shows and films currently available on BBC iPlayer. But, while Michael Palin is genial enough to remain a trusted guide through overseas . Their names alone tell you what to expect from their unexpected reunion, as Big . Netflix and BBC One team up for this accomplished adult drama, which.

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But while both Netflix and Amazon bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix invested heavily in content, it was the quality and simplicity of their technology that provided the foundation of their success. Hall is obviously aware of this, but for all his ambition, there are a host of reasons why the BBC will find it difficult, if not impossible, to make iPlayer as good. The first problem is data, which is vital in getting personalisation and recommendation right.

Netflix has more users globally — upwards of 86 million and growing — whose viewing habits help refine its systems. Amazon has data from across its retail and other businesses that has already made it a leader in recommendations it has also sold millions of Amazon Echos, which bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix it a big lead in the voice recognition tech that the BBC wants to add to iPlayer.

Unlike with Netflix and Amazon, there is no required sign-in for iPlayer. The BBC is trying to persuade people to use a single sign-in system called BBC ID, which would let it personalise and recommend content across all its platforms.

There are plans to make sign-in compulsory but no set time frame and doubts about whether it will be possible across all the platforms iPlayer needs to be on.

And then there are the technical challenges of making any radical changes to iPlayer. As a publicly funded, public-service broadcaster, the BBC has a duty to be available as widely as possible. Adding new features or even bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix the way video is delivered more efficient risks breaking earlier versions or making it incompatible with older devices and services. And here, the BBC is a victim of its own success.

Not only is it funded by the licence fee, but it has also become a cornerstone of British culture. Yet there is one thing that gives the BBC an advantage over its digital-only competitors that might be more important.

It also still makes its own shows, and is for the textnow app part pretty good at it. And not only does the BBC have extra hurdles to overcome, it also has less cash to do it. Topics iPlayer. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular.

Ivan Radford On 10, Feb Click here to skip to our reviews of the best movies on BBC iPlayer. For BBC Three recommendations, click here. But, while Michael Palin is genial enough to remain a trusted guide through overseas lands, Ade Adepitan marks a blast of fresh air in a genre that has become swamped by British comedians playing the fish-out-of-water role.

Like Romesh Ranganathan and Nadiya Hussain, Adepitan brings a needed, important dose of diversity to the lens bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix which British TV views other cultures — and, crucially, a highly entertaining one to boot.

Our presenter tells us that Africa is the most exciting continent on the planet. Available until: February They think that alone, they have more influence than by working with Europe. The more insight we get with each episode into how Europe sticks together to ride out the Greek financial crisis and more, the more you sas 9 1 sid txt Sarkozy is right.

March Episode 1. This string of standalone stories, now in its umpteenth year, links individual tales by a central theme: Testosterone and gasoline fuel this biker drama, spun off from Sons of Anarchy.

Pardo finds himself drawn into the world of the Mayans Motorcyle Club, driven by the need for revenge against the Galindo cartel. Only a few thousand survivors of Nazi concentration camps made it to British shores, and only a couple of hundred are still alive today. The result is a sensitively compiled and intimately microsoft calligraphy fonts tapestry of voices, memories and eye-witness accounts from those who were children during the Holocaust.

Here it is. Dedicated to his grandfather, who served fromthe film restores footage of the men fighting in WWI — and, after some familiar black-and-white clips, brings the whole thing to fresh life with colour. Read our full review. For little reason other than our entertainment, each of these figures are treated to a recreation of sorts, as Danny tries out hunting on horse and foot in the woods, dressing up like a king and walking through the streets barefoot holding a crown of thorns.

Dyer has an irresistible blend of respect for his own bloodline and a sense of humour with it, at once buying into each chance to don a period costume while also undermining it with his modern swagger and down-to-earth banter.

He says he feels like he king when he dons a fur-lined robe, and we believe him. Then he hears it was washed with bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix and looks a little less pleased. April December Later, she argues with her eldest in a car. Comedians going back to their home towns for a TV documentary are the familiar younger cousin to that stalwart genre of the comedian travelogue. November Superbly performed, this slavery drama about a young woman on the Amity sugar can plantation in Jamaica is a refreshingly layered, consistently engaging and hugely gripping piece of television.

Vic Reeves. Bob Mortimer. Their names alone tell you what to expect from their unexpected reunion, as Big Night One sees them burst back onto our screens for more of the same surreal, silly and impossibly sprightly comedy. The good news? There are four episodes in total, which guarantees ridiculous fun throughout the festive season.

June Following the animals for such a long period of time pays off with a handsome, moving, jaw-dropping portrait of wildlife in every sense of the word. And so they turn to a last resort: With each one at their understated, tragically sincere best, the opportunity to catch up with Kurupt FM one more time is an absolute treat.

What a shame it is that this final season is our last chance to do so. Diving into Portland, Oregon — the US capital of polyamory — he embeds himself with families who conduct their relationships openly in a number of ways. There are those who invite others into existing relationships or those who allow their partners to seek romance elsewhere.

Does having more partners having more love and happiness? With exclusive access to the Salisbury investigation, this Panorama special is a grimly informative insight into the story that unfolded across our screens this year, as Russia not only had the horrible confidence to poison a former spy on British soil, but then had the absurd audacity to deny the whole thing and claim its agents were tourists visiting the cathedral.

Reporter Jane Corbin speaks to police officers, a government scientist and intelligence figures to unpick how it old went down, as well as speaking to friends and family of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. October Read our full reviews of each episode here. Ghosts in the machines? This is Inside No.

The editing is remarkable, and the use of archive video to stitch any gaps together is inspired, resulting in a brave piece of TV that has bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix peeking through your fingers, before staring, in one masterful scene, at a cycle of screens within screens stretching into bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix, creating a broadcasting abyss — a timeless limbo in the middle of an old studio, where memories of all those past productions gone wrong are exorcised by the thrill of modern imagination.

The rest of Inside No. Raising a child with learning difficulties is even harder. Tennant is wonderfully depressed but in denial and halfway up a wine bottle a defeated dad Simon, while Hynes who recently made her directorial debut with the moving drama The Fight balances deadpan coming timing with a blank bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix that rings powerfully true.

In between them, seven-year-old Rosie is performed wit frustrating, charming and innocent energy by the marvellous Miley Locke. With Louis Theroux returning to our screens this November for a new series, Altered States, get your offbeat non-fiction fix with this mammoth collection of Theroux favourites, taking us from heartbreak to humour, via spiky, insightful and impeccably polite conversations — all reminding us that Louis is one of the best documentary filmmakers working today.

Bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix BBC drama, which co-stars Ruth Wilson and a fantastic coat, dives into grimy police work with a glowering swagger that only adds to the hard-hitting appeal of the concise storytelling, curt dialogue and did we mention Idris Elba?

Is he correct or just suffering from PTSD? She has her own enigmatic stance to decipher, bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix she pushes through a controversial new counterterrorism bill, and the line between duty of care and political resentment is already blurring after only an hour. Hawes is wonderfully ruthless and cool, while Madden clearly relishes the chance to take a lead role, his bodyguard perched on a knife edge between calm and total collapse.

With corruption, bitter former bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix and rebellious movements in the wings, prepare to get hooked all over again. Netflix and BBC One team up for this accomplished adult drama, which teases titillation on the surface, as husband and wife Joy and Alan look elsewhere to get a boost for their flatlining sex life. But beneath the steamy scenes that have dominated headlines about the show lies a fantastically written drama from playwright Nick Payne, who balances spiky humour with a deceptively nuanced exploration of infidelity and marital commitment.

Expect communication, consent and chemistry to reel you in over the coming six episodes, which promises a refreshingly frank attitude towards what goes on in the bedroom. The Aftermath picks up after Season 2, which saw the unwitting Kerry become embroiled in a criminal enterprise, thanks to her wayward father, and investigates the fallout and the impact on the village. This one-off drama, though, is as far away from that as you could imagine, as it takes us back towhen a terrorist attack by the IRA in Warrington killed a young boy called Tim.

Colin and Wendy, his parents, struggle to cope, while Sue, in Dublin, is spurred into action to form a movement calling for peace. The result is a powerful portrait of determination and unity, as a quest for hope and tolerance emerges out of violence and despair. It introduces us to The Herald and Bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix Post, two rival newspapers in northern England dolbey fusion voice manager stand on opposite sides of the same town square.

A Ben Elton comedy set in Elizabethan times, complete with ruffs, dead bodies and cunning plans? Doing so, though, would miss out on what makes the show really quite good. Season 1 and 2 are also available as box sets. Once there, they surreptitiously film the state of the Venezuelan city, including a scarily tense interview with the members of a local gang, who talk with resentment about the fact that they have no other option in life but to resort to crime.

While Ben Rand is uncovering violent, dangerous metropolises, Dr Michael Scott is tk soul life after love a much better time playing with a new 3D-scanning kit.

The gizmo allows him to reveal the secrets of Cairo and Egypt, as he explores the first pyramid ever built at Saqqara. Here, he presents a guide to cinema one genre at a time, kicking off with the romantic comedy. Structure, stereotypes and their subtle subversions are all scrutinised with detail without becoming dry, and the clips are neatly edited together to provide an enjoyable highlights reel over the pacy 60 minutes.

The result is film criticism as it should be: Oh, Mr. Bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix Whitehall went there with his dad. Michael Palin. Comedian travelogues are far from original, but Romesh Ranganathan has good form in the genre, with his travel series for BBC Three Asian Provocateur bringing a highly personal angle to a homecoming journey — it even brought his mum along in Season bbc iplayer s unexpected error netflix, setting a trend for comics bringing parents on travel shows with them.

He kicks off with a trip to Haiti to see if his preconceptions about the voodoo-loving culture is correct. Romesh is characteristically frank and entertainingly sceptical. The result is a likeable showcase for a charming TV presenter. Is your mum coming? The discovery opens old wounds in the community, not to mention family tensions and anger at police incompetence. The occasional Welsh subtitles are a cool bonus.

The Trip, but with fishing instead of food. January This charming collection of comedy shorts balance sharp observations and witty writing with infectious imagination. A thought-provoking, rib-tickling, stomach-churning satire. March The first introduced us to Fahmida Anjli Mohindra and Nazir Hamza Jeetooatwo single Muslims who crossed paths at an unsuccessful speed-dating night.

Picking up events one month later, this is a universal exploration of love in modern Britain that packs in twice as much warmth and wit as most minute shows do in a whole season. BBC iPlayer continues to prove a platform for new talent with its latest bunch of shorts. From a moving demonstration of isolation and connection in an online age to a darkly funny — and unpredictable — story of female love and family loyalty, this is an impressively versatile collection of stories that are more than worth spending time with.

While at work, he recognises a body as that of his son and begins a quest to give the boy a proper burial, away from the flames. Unfolding in a string of audacious tracking shots, the result is a harrowing, gripping and powerful experience. With stellar support from Michelle Williams, this masterfully prickly study of pain throbs with unspoken emotions. Mark Cousins dives deep into the private drawings and paintings of Orson Welles to shine new light on the passions, politics and imagination of the cinema legend.

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