Slanias song eluveitie games

slanias song eluveitie games

Slanias Song This song is by Eluveitie and appears on the album Slania (). Slania is the second full-length album by the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, and the first one All tracks written by Chrigel Glanzmann, except "Primordial Breath" co-written by Sevan Kirder and "Slanias Song" co-written by David Stifter. It's definitely a bit odd, but Eluveitie are certainly a unique band anyway. . “ Slanias Song” is an amazing mixture of folk and metal elements, of male growls grab a beer (or ale) and a cheap fantasy novel/video game, and you've got a good. Game of Violence by DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER: Listen to songs by DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER on Myspace, a place Slanias Song · Eluveitie. Check out Slania by Eluveitie on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or Listen to any song, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Learn More · Buy MP3 Album .

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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Spotify really is an odd thing. Apparently this band is similar to Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy which I can safely say isn't a very accurate assumptionbut I've ended up somehow listening to bagpipes and flutes in my death metal. To be honest it was a bit of a surprise, but I'm actually kind of glad in a way that I found this.

It's definitely slanias song eluveitie games bit odd, but Eluveitie are certainly a unique band anyway. How many bands are there out there that combine melodic death metal with bagpipes? Not many, that's for sure. And actually, at times it does sound quite good. I was a little surprised about that, I have to admit that much, but it's certainly here to stay.

The first thing I have to say is that maybe people that don't live in countries like Scotland where you hear bagpipes every odd week might find it a little stranger than I did. Since I'll probably never get another opportunity to do so in a metal review, let's talk about the role that the bagpipes have here.

They mostly blend into the background with the guitar, the flute doing the leads instead, but occasionally when everything else stops you can quite clearly hear them. Thankfully they're not annoying and out of tune like some other sets I've heard and they get away with it because people don't know what they're meant to sound likebut they're not the traditional set that you'll hear most of the time instead they're the Irish kind and a type from southern Europe.

At least that keeps it a slanias song eluveitie games fresh. Right, now that my technical expertise is gone again, let's move onto the rest of the music. It isn't too fancy, but the unique inclusion of Celtic instruments means that it's very different even if the melodeath that seems to be the base isn't as well-refined as most of the mainstream bands in that genre.

The problem is that there's only so much you can do with Celtic instruments when they're limited to playing melodeath. I love that genre, but the instruments that Slanias song eluveitie games use can only stay different for so long and they're clearly not made with playing any death metal variant in mind. Indeed, the further you go on the more the songs sound the same, and in all honesty I was quite glad that it was drawing to a close. Think of Red Hot Chilli Pipers assuming you know who they are.

They're great when you slanias song eluveitie games them for twenty to thirty minutes before a rugby match, but any longer than that and the novelty of having rock music mixed with bagpipes starts to wear off.

That's exactly what I'm getting with this band, and while there are good songs on Slania they can't keep the originality running to the very end of the record. What this means is that by the end of the album, I'm hardly paying any attention anymore. The songs at the start seem to stick out more in my mind because the idea was still interesting back at that point, and by the end I'd actually just decided to listen to Astarte instead.

As a result my favourite tracks were Primordial BreathInis Mona and Slania's Songnothing past that point really keeping my attention too well.

Of course the other tracks were enjoyable at first as well, but those three were the ones that I liked most. To sum it all up in one sentence, the novelty of Celtic instruments playing along with the typical melodeath ones wears off after a while. And once that happens, there really isn't that much keeping me here. As previously stated there isn't anything too technical or interesting other than the unusual esl wire 64 bit win8, so at that point I decided to leave.

If you're in the mood for something different then feel free to check them out, but I wouldn't recommend listening to the entire album unless you're a big fan of folk metal.

Oh my god, Eluveitie, my old friends, what have you lads have done? If you know me, you already know that Eluveitie has a special place in my heart. It was the first folk band that I listened. The song was Inis Mona, found in this very record. Since that fated day in the cold nights of October, 3 years ago, the search was on to buy this motherfucking record.

Time passes and I manage to find all Eluveitie records, except this one. Was it as good as I thought it was? This lovable prize goes to Everything Remains… as it Never Was. The first problem is quite apparent form the beginning; the production.

These guys never get the production part right. Only Helvetios managed to hit the stop just right. How overproduced is this? Another victim of the evil overproduction monster is Chrigel himself, the vocalist. His vocals seem that they passed through dozens of different enhancements, mastering and ways to make it more artificial than skittles sugar coating.

What does feel right though, is the guitars. A definitive upgrade from the last album, they are quite audible and incredibly catchy. Too bad they are shoved off to the background most of the times to give the stage to the folk instruments; which is good, some flute riffs is that right to say? Nevertheless, a majority of them are booooooring. They made a metal album, with amazing guitars and up-to-par vocals and a drummer who sounds way louder than he should be and remembered they were a folk band and recorded some half-assed tunes in the last minute.

Let slanias song eluveitie games talk about Bloodstained Ground. For two reasons: This might be because I love fast-paced songs, but this brings out the best in Eluveitie. The metal part is fantastic; the chorus is amazing, joining flutes, gutturals and double-bass pedal all the while talking about the Battle of Bibracte; Simply delightful.

A great example of a bad song is Calling The Rain. The chorus is boring, and the folk part is boring. The metal part, which is the verse, are a little overdone. What is there to talk about, now? How about the Folk interludes: Aganantios and Giamonios.

I could say they are boring, but they are well executed and very short, specially Giamonios. When I heard the album for the fifth or sixth time, I just skipped them. They are not too great, but not too bad either. The album certainly has its flaws, but it is enjoyable in some extents. The album follows a clear guiding line and folk and metal elements are on a same and coherent level on this record filled with catchy choruses, slanias song eluveitie games melodies and epic as well as fast paced heavy passages.

They sound more profound and convince with simple but efficient melodies. The heavier tracks also focus more on the folk elements than before and get to a perfect fusion. Nevertheless, this album can be seen as the climax of a constant development of the band and means the breakthrough of their so-called new wave of folk metal as this record is by far their best slanias song eluveitie games until now.

People have a tendency to take folk metal far more seriously than it was slanias song eluveitie games intended to be. Witness all of the vitriol directed at Finntroll and Korpiklaani for all 2 of you who don't know what I'm talking about.

It's a bizarre phenomenon really, as I don't think anyone ever intended or expected it to ever be elevated much above beer drinking party music. Fuck, Finntroll started as two guys getting drunk and dicking around in a studio.

Folk metal was never about brutality or speed, and yet people continue to treat it as if it should. Then again, it's no real loss if these type of people don't listen to this stuff, since they're idiots anyway.

Slania is the second Eluveitie that name is incredibly difficult for me to type correctly, by the way album, and continues in the tradition of melding decent Gothenburg metal with lots of goofy in a good way, like all good folk metal folk instruments and a solid melodic sensibility.

Christian's vocals are good a bit deeper slanias song eluveitie games the usual Gothenburg rasp, and when the folk and metal mix it's a rollicking good time. And that's honestly all this type of music was ever really made for.

It's not supposed to be life-changing and it sure as hell isn't supposed to be brutal. Get drunk and have a blast with your buddies is pretty much the slogan for folk metal. Unfortunately, not all of the album is able to match up to the first two songs, with the middle in particular dragging quite a bit.

Eluveitie seem unsure of where they wanted to go on this album; forsaking more of their Gothenburg influence and giving the folk elements a more integral part of the songs would have made this album much better. It's weird going from goofy, swing-the-ale-along type of songs to generic In Flames worship, and breaks up the spirit of the album in a very distracting way.

Eluveitie are talented and have catapulted to the front of the folk metal movement for some inexplicable reason; they're fun, but nowhere near great, which makes their success puzzling, but more power to igi 1 defend priboi youtube er. While I'd recommend a slew of folk metal bands before these guys, they're decent enough, the production is outstanding, and they might be a good gateway for folks looking for something a little different from the typical Swedish metal affair yeah they're Swiss, but the metal style is undeniably Swedish.

All in all, not bad. The amount of undeserved praise this album gets is astonishing. Now, while it's obvious that creating an album full of mostly unoriginal, somewhat watered down gothenburg riffs on downtuned tere naam sad wallpaper s, having a bassplayer just for show and getting a vocalist with decent abilities and misusing them, the resulting musical rubbish can't really be called good in any way.

To juice this astonishingly mediocre attempt at metal with folk instruments and using some folkish slanias song eluveitie games leads here and there apparently sounded like a good idea to these guys, but let's be honest. Average at best gothenburg and celtic folk music are not a very common and certainly not a very good combination, no matter how scarcely the actually folkish parts are sprinkled over the album, especially if no noticeable attempt at actually fusing the styles together has been made.

No, playing saccharine, cheesy and extremely mediocre melodeath where good riffs are hard to come by and adding folk instruments on top seemingly just for show doesn't work at all. While some folkishness has been brought to the riffing, or at least the guitar leads where slanias song eluveitie games appear, this is essentially melodeath. The interplay between heavy rhythm guitars and drumming, which adds considerable amounts of heaviness to the music though attempts at brutality, like usually in melodeath, have all failed here sticks out the most.

Moderately high-pitched screams give a lot of aggression to the sound, and there are also some female vocals aswell as chanted male vocals for the softer, supposedly more atmospheric parts. The folk instruments really don't slanias song eluveitie games much of a difference, even less than the bass, which appears to be there solely for the sake of providing more punch to the sound. In that, it succeeded: If Eluveitie did pull off slanias song eluveitie games department decently, the slanias song eluveitie games problems of the album lie slanias song eluveitie games the most important part of the music: No, it's clear from the beginning that this album was deemed to be this mediocre.

It's rather the asinine attempt at blending these styles of which the most prominent one is pulled off with zero inspiration, and how superficial, shallow and irritatingly pointless the result is. The music isn't necessarily boring, and there aren't too many headache-inducing parts aside from the extreme cheesiness, terrible metalcore parts where the band seems to forget that pseudo-brutal chugging doesn't equal quality or good melodeath, and not to forget the strange rhythmic choices that often seem to draw down the melodeath parts of the musicbut the fact that this album beggars and thieves the grey album little of any actual value, so little satisfaction or pleasure other than that of the most instant and superficial type which quickly wears off, that it becomes very irritating to listen to before long.

Fans of simplistic melodeath with a gothenburg sound and a metalcoreish edge might find the slanias song eluveitie games insides of this slanias song eluveitie games appealing, at least initially, but it won't take long to realise how redundant and meaningless it actually is.

slanias song eluveitie games

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