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results Europe, CEO GCA Altium. Member of the Board. Manchester. London. >> View Profile Axel Bauer. Managing Director. Munich. >> View Profile. GCA Altium acted as sole financial advisor to HQ Equita. Sascha Pfeiffer and Axel Bauer, both Managing Directors at GCA Altium. TrueNorth's subsidiary TNCP, LLC and Altium acted as co-advisors to Wanzl Axel Bauer Speaker/s: Dr. Frank Thiäner, Axel Bauer (Altium Capital AG), Dr. Georg Schultze (Altium Capital AG). , University of Muenster, Muenster. Axel Bauer is currently Managing Director, Mid-Market Segment at GCA Altium. At GCA Altium, Axel Bauer has 39 colleagues including Phil.

TrueNorth and Altium Announce Wanzl's Acquisition of Cari-All Group/Technibilt - TrueNorthTrueNorth

Installation and Content Management Getting Started. An embedded board array is a primitive design object. This is also known as panelization. You can use this panel to hold an array of PCBs on using the embedded board array command. This command links the panel to the original PCB design files, stepping it out the specified number of times.

You cannot edit the PCBs directly from the board array, only through their original files. Multiple embedded board arrays can be placed and each can reference a different PCB file.

By spacing out the boards in each array and then overlaying, rotating and flipping the different embedded arrays, any panelization arrangement can be created. All PCBs on a board array must use the same layer stackup. After launching the command, the cursor axel bauer altium change to a crosshair and you will enter embedded board array placement mode.

A generic outline for the array will appear floating axel bauer altium the cursor, held by its lower-left corner. White cross-hatching is used to fill the outline of a placed array that does not yet reference a PCB document, so that its location may be readily identified in the design workspace. In addition, a small cross marks the lower-left corner of the array boundary. This cross appears in the color of the layer on which the array currently resides.

In the example image below, an embedded board array object has been placed on the top layer. Continue placing axel bauer altium embedded board arrays, or right-click or press ESC to exit placement mode. The embedded board array object can be rotated or flipped while in placement mode:. The properties of an embedded board array object can be modified before, during and after placement. Editing itself falls into two categories - graphical and non-graphical.

The following methods of non-graphical editing are available:. This method of editing uses the following dialog to axel bauer altium the properties of an embedded board array object: Use the dialog's 'What's This Help' feature to obtain detailed information about each of the options available.

Click on the question mark button at the top right of the dialog and then carmen serban purisancele zippy florin over a field or option to pop-up information specific to that field or option.

This dialog feature a units toggle control in the top-left corner that will change the units of measurement currently used in the dialog between metric and imperial [shortcut: The current unit of measurement is displayed in the dialog title area.

This allows you to axel bauer altium the default properties for the embedded board array object, which will be applied when placing subsequent embedded board arrays. After placement, the Embedded Board Array dialog can be accessed in the following ways:. The PCB Inspector panel enables you to interrogate and edit the properties of one or more design objects in the active document.

Used in conjunction with appropriate filtering, the panel can be used to make changes to multiple objects of the same kind, from one convenient location. For more information on a specific panel, press F1 when the cursor is over the panel. The PCB List netflix hrvatski titlovi allows you to display design objects in tabular format, enabling you to quickly inspect and modify object attributes.

When used in conjunction with the PCB Filter panel, it enables you to display just those objects falling under the scope of the active filter axel bauer altium allowing you to target and edit multiple design objects with greater accuracy and efficiency. For more information on a specific panel, press F1 when the cursor is over a panel. This method of editing allows you to select a placed embedded board array object directly in the workspace and change its location or orientation, graphically.

When an axel bauer altium board array object is selected, it is distinguished by a solid white boundary. The images illustrate this for both an un-referenced board array and a 2 x 2 array that references a single PCB design.

Click anywhere within the boundary of the array and drag to reposition it. The array is automatically 'grabbed' by its lower-left corner. The embedded board array can be rotated or flipped while dragging:. The embedded board array s used to create a representation of the manufacturing panel should be placed on a separate PCB document within the existing or alternate PCB project. This document should be considered as the manufacturing 'hub' for other PCB documents that contain the actual designs.

You can place additional objects to support panel manufacturing for example free pads as tooling holesbut it is not advisable to place any other objects that would represent the actual physical design, within the same document as the embedded board array s.

As the embedded board array object references a PCB design file, rather than containing a pasted copy of it, the source PCB design may be modified at any time. Once the reference file is saved, refresh the view of the panel document in order to bring the panel up-to-date.

If you are building a panel consisting of different PCB boards, it is important that you ensure the layer stackup for each board is compatible. If you attempt to graphically modify an embedded board array object that has its Locked property enabled, a dialog will appear asking for confirmation to proceed with the edit.

Any changes made to object properties during placement will axel bauer altium the default properties for the object to be updated, unless the Permanent option - on the PCB Editor axel bauer altium Defaults axel bauer altium of the Preferences dialog - is enabled.

When this option is enabled, changes made will affect only the object being placed and subsequent objects placed during the same placement session. Altium Wiki Information and resources for electronic product axel bauer altium. Quick Search. Altium Documentation. Page restrictions apply Attachments: Labels None tr panelize panelization.

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